“Whose Papa This” – Reactions As A Video Young Lady Caught Riding An Old Man ‘Like A Horse’

A viral video of a young lady riding a man old enough to be her grandfather has just surfaced on social media as it sparks a conversation online.

Netizens have reacted to the video that captures a young Nigerian lady on the back of an old man.

She is seen riding the old man as she tells him to ‘move and smile for TikTok’.

Netizens as expected reacted;

“The man na ritualist lol, he must do anything the girl want so money go flow 😂😅🤔 “

“Sugar daddies, really … 😂😂😂”

“They use to say the “older you grow the wiser you become” 21st-century generation old people have become the other way round 😢”

Check out the video below


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