“I s l ept with my stepfather to take revenge on my mother”- Lady reveals (READ)

A lady has admitted to cheating with  her stepfather.

She shared the narrative of her early life on Twitter and said that her mother never loved her.

Her mother only worried about the children she had given birth to for her pastor husband, who was her stepfather.

The lady said that her mother didn’t buy her clothing and, worse still, didn’t even buy her sanitary pads.

The lady claims that she made the decision to cheat with stepfather in order to get revenge on her mother for neglecting her.

She claimed that she would purposefully wear seductive outfits and make every effort to catch the stepfather’s eye when her mother was away at work.

At first, the stepfather refused, but finally he fell into her trap, and they began to have an affair.

The stepfather acted like her sugar daddy by buying her gifts and paying for her schooling.

She claimed that until she accidentally revealed the information to a church member, who then informed another person, the situation remained secret.

The church leaders called the girl’s stepfather, but he refused to come and said that the girl was probably being controlled by a demon.

Thankfully, a friend took her home after the mother kicked her out of the house, but that didn’t stop the stepfather from continuing his illicit relationship with her.

The young woman, who is now 23 years old, claims that her friend introduced her to a man who is now her boyfriend, leading her to break up with her stepfather.

The young woman claims that because she ended their connection, the stepfather now despises her.

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