“My mates are doing better than me”- Lady cries bitterly over poor life

A Nigerian woman has sparked emotions on TikTok after offering a look into her life with her viewers.

The TikTok user known as @fav_girl_bella explained in tears how she thought she was losing her life.

"My mates are doing better than me"- Lady cries bitterly over poor life

She mentioned that it had been upsetting her to watch her friends doing better than her.

Although Bella appears to be unconcerned by the issue, it has been a huge source of concern for her.

She did, however, repeat her complete belief in God to change her life and make things better for herself and her family. Watch the video below.

People in the comments section thought she was just jealous of her pals.

Lady P: @Contentment matters a lot dear. You might feel pressure but that shouldn’t bother you once you know that in the future yours will come.”

Queen of Clean Cut r: “Hmmmm b4 u start asking God y dnt forget dat some of ur mate r in the grave already vrlife na turn by turn oo so keep trusting God.”

Aliberrry: “You can’t be praying alone without doing anything, whatever you know you want to do in this life, start now and use prayer to push it.”

Only one Bb: “This is how I’m feeling some days ago but omo l carry my eyes comot and focus.”

LesediRamsley “Comparison will kill u mentally, accept where u are now cause if u continue this way you’ll unintentionally become jealous of others. Ur turn is coming.”

Zanny06: “Be careful of such hey it could be jealousy. Be happy for other people and continue trusting God with your life. Never compare journeys.”

Maxwell Triumphy: “I stopped complaining when I sat down and remember that I have never step my leg in the hospital since after I was born. Glory be to God for forever.” *

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